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About Kristensen-Smith Co.


We take pride in looking at the world from a different perspective, seeking to capture each moment for its uniqueness. 

Fine Photographic Art printed on reclaimed wood boards, glass or classic canvas. 

Art for every room in your home, from a glass top coffee table to an up-cycled 100 year old cabinet fashioned into a functional bar. 

Kristensen-Smith Photographic Art has a piece for your individual space.


Principal photographer Melissa Kristensen-Smith has been involved with photography since the age of twelve when she was given her first camera.  

Travel and fine art prints are a passion. Seeing new places and faces excite her as she sees the stories each shot will tell. 

For the past 6 years printing her photos on reclaimed wood has added a whole new texture and dimension to her images. “I just love how the grain and anomalies in the wood change each photograph!”, says Melissa.


Her partner of twenty-five years Andre Smith, combines his talents for design and up-cycling to create furniture and decor pieces.

Each piece features photographic art within one-of-a-kind functional furniture pieces. Desks, dressers, coffee tables and even bars. For those who want their home or office to stand out check out our Decor Section.

Ever conscious of the need to reuse and up-cycle many of our furniture and decor pieces are made from industrial carts, desks, and chairs. Each one repurposed and used as a canvass for our unique photographic prints. 

One of our favourite reasons for using antique wood is that the character of the grain only adds to the texture and life of each photograph. 

So everything from a coffee table to an inlay in a hardwood floor can become an art feature in your space.