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Kristensen & Smith have been working with reclaimed wood for years now. We source our wood from local businesses, lumber mills and even our clients! Those wooden beams from a barn being dismantled or a home undergoing renovations, even trees that have to be cut down in our local neighborhood.

Simple answer, yes! We use only archival inks when we do our printing and to further protect each print we apply a UV coating over the whole piece. This protects the colors and preserves the wood. As with any art we do suggest that it is not placed in direct sunlight over extended periods of time, this would shorten the life of your piece.

One of the reasons we use reclaimed wood is because it has character and texture. There will be cracks, anomalies, saw cuts and grain. When we print portraits we pay special attention to how we assemble the wood to ensure no pronounced anomalies or knots appear on faces.