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Personalized Decor: Giving Life to Your Images on Reclaimed Wood

Custom Artistry: Your Memories on Wood

There’s something profoundly personal about incorporating your own images into your living space. It transforms a house into a home, filling it with memories and stories. At Kristensen & Smith, we take this personal touch to the next level by printing your cherished images on reclaimed wood.


Our process involves carefully selecting pieces of reclaimed wood, each with its own history and character, and then transforming them into canvases for your photographs. This not only gives a second life to the wood but also adds a unique, modern-rustic charm to your images.


Whether it’s a family portrait, a landscape, or a personal artwork, printing it on wood creates a durable and eco-friendly piece that’s more than just decoration – it’s a piece of personal history, beautifully preserved for years to come.

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